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Vancouver Island Marine Pubs

There was a time when pubs offered cubinettes and pickled eggs as standard fare. In the past most offerings were pre-prepared last week and warmed in a microwave for your pleasure. Thankfully those days are gone.

Today dishes are imaginative, west coast inspired and made from locally sourced ingredients prepared in many cases by Red Seal Chefs. You can easily find Thai prawn cakes, salmon carbonara,  steaks, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding and of course burgers but gnocchi? These little dumplings were new to us and oh my, are they ever good! Adding to delicious foods there are many award winning local beers, ciders and wine for your pleasure.  

We highly recommend dining on the waterfront. For some reason everything tastes better. Click here for a list of Marine Pubs up and down the island.







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2 Days in Port
Being that we are Islanders, we take every opportunity to be out on the water. We even considered buying a runabout until a forensic audit on our dwindling disposable income indicated that this would be a terrible idea...

We decided to have a look at what the automotive industry thought about the current crop of 2012 vehicles. Not that any of us at Elmhill can afford a new car but there’s no harm in peeking at them. We had a look at how the Globe and Mail, Car and Driver, Consumer Reports and Vincentric graded the class of 2012. 
The Artificial Reef Society of BC is a registered non-profit. Their mission is to create environmentally and economically sustainable reefs. Since 1991 they have sunk 6 ships and one Boeing 737 in B.C. waters.
I hate lining up for anything but when it comes to breakfast in Victoria, I make an acceptation. The fact is, you have to, or you don’t eat.
In 1911 Thomas Wilby, a 45 year old journalist engaged in the writing of travel articles, convinced the Office of Public Roads in Washington, D.C. to send him on a road trip from New York to San Diego. 
Coast Salish Wool Dogs
The Coast Salish people had a long history of weaving before we Europeans came this way. They wove beautiful white, nobility blankets that played many roles in their life.

But don’t take it from us. The world renowned Jacque Cousteau described the Discovery Passage as second only the Red Sea in its diversity of marine and invertebrate life. It's our cold waters full of nutrients that result in an explosion of life in oranges, reds, purples, pinks, yellows and blues.

One of the best movies of all time is Citizen Kane. The story was based on the life of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. But had it not been for his honeymoon road trip where would his dynasty be today?
Escaping the Winter that Wasn't
Are you old enough to have been tortured by your friends’ or relatives' slide show from their recent trip to Yosemite? Well here yah go...
Foray on 4A
We made arrangements to meet for lunch with friends and their kids who were camping at Coombs Country Campground. They had been here for the better part of a week and filled us in on their forays on Highway 4A.
One of the most wonderful aspects of living on Vancouver Island is the abundance of fresh sustainable seafood at our doorstep. Whether you are on the Island’s north, south, east or west  coast you can find fresh, in season seafood celebrating a ‘boat to table’ philosophy. There are few places in the world that have this luxury.
Kalakala - Her Last Voyage
I’ve lived most of my life in the Pacific Northwest so I was quite surprised when I recently became aware of this streamlined art deco ferry christened the Kalakala. The story of her life was even more surprising.

Vancouver Island offers lodging for every type of traveler
This is the time of year when I look back at past adventures and look forward to future ones. What to see in two, oh, one, three.
Orcas Among Us
Way back in the ‘60’s we had pods of Killer Whales frequenting Vancouver Harbour on a regular basis. By the 1970’s they had all but disappeared. 
For 20 years the non-profit Seaside Cruizers Car Club has been putting on an annual car show contributing the net proceeds back to the community.
Door Dings and Other Things - It's one of the mysteries of the world. They just appear but you never see them arrive. I'm speaking of the ubiquitous door ding. I was washing my car on the weekend and found yet another grouping. At this point I have several examples all provided by different makes and models.
Whether you vacation in a tent, trailer or RV you can enjoy the benefits of being in this beautiful natural environment. The fact is you can find a Vancouver Island campsite to suite your every mood whether you want to spend time in a remote wilderness or close to amenities.
It all started when Major James Francis Lenox MacFarlane purchased a farm in Cobble Hill sight unseen.  Eventually the Major met with his friend Arthur Flint at the Goldstream Hotel to make plans to travel to his farm for the first time.
Top crash intersections on Vancouver Island for the year 2016 according to ICBC
Steam Into Port Alberni
Port Alberni sits at the end of the ruggedly beautiful Alberni Inlet tucked away from the sometimes harsh West Coast weather. Explorers found the sheltered waters of the Inlet in the late 1700’s and it was deemed the perfect spot for a settlement.
The first underwater photograph was taken in 1856 by an Englishman named William Thompson. He didn't actually dive to take his photographs, he lowered his camera to the bottom and operated the shutter from the comfort of a boat anchored above the site.
John Steinbeck once said, people “ really need sea-monsters in their personal ocean - an ocean without its monsters would be like a completely dreamless sleep”.
I can identify with Pablo Picasso when he said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Vancouver Island Farmers Markets
There is no doubt that buying local products provide a healthier lifestyle while going a long way to support local businesses.
During this most excellent lunch we thought it a brilliant idea to visit as many Vancouver Island marine pubs as possible over the boating season. 
Walk-ons and Water Taxis
This is the time of the year when I get a severe case of boat fever. Who can blame me?  The various Island groups surrounding us offer some of the best cruising in the world.
Wild Whale Watching
I suppose there was a time when keeping whales and dolphins in captivity was critical in the effort to educate people to revive the species. It didn’t work
Wanna Buy a Lighthouse?
Last week I received a surprising email from my friend in China who informed me that the Point Atkinson lighthouse in West Vancouver is for sale for $200,000.00!
Vancouver Island is a giant playground with endless opportunities to explore, discover and seek adventure.  As a resident I appreciate my surroundings all year round and find a dozen reasons a day to stay.
The Yuquot Whalers Shrine
In 1966 an archaeological project was conducted in Yuquot (Friendly Cove).  It was determined that the indigenous peoples had inhabited the area for 4500 years!