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Victoria to Monterey


Every time winter descends I get the distinct urge to drive south. With this in mind and with no real chance of escaping the cold this year, I thought I would publish the following road trip from our recent past:
Wayne and Hazel of  Nanaimo, drove to the Porsche reunion in Monterey Ca. The purpose of their visit was to exhibit their rare 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa in the Historic Parade of Cars to honor the 911 model at this special event. 
When we say 'rare' Porsche, we mean it. Wayne found the car in pieces under a tarp in a Powell River carport. As you may know Wayne is a confirmed Porsche enthusiast and has all the requisite skills to bring this Porsche back to life, so he loaded it up and trailered it home. Wayne soon discovered  details that were somewhat different than the standard 1974 911 prompting him to contact Porsche cars of America. It turns out that this was #23 of a total production run of 232 cars! Rare indeed. Over time the entire car was restored to its exact and original specifications. 
Off they went crossing from Victoria via the Coho Ferry to Port Angeles then headed south along the Olympic Peninsula to Astoria finally stopping in Cannon Beach for the night. Setting a leisurely pace they wandered down the coast to Fort Bragg and another overnight stay.  This made for another leisurely trip through San Francisco to Monterey and the Leguna Seca Raceway. 
The sight of acres of Porsches of all type and description must have nearly blown the top off Wayne's head. If interested you can catch the event every so often on Speedvision. I saw the broadcast and was a little alarmed to see how these rare historical cars went for it during the races. The stewards rapped more than a couple of knuckles over aggressive driving but hey, it's a race car, what are you going to do? It turned out to be the most well attended of the Porsche Rennsport Reunions and may come back here next year. 
If you find yourself down here you must venture from the track over Laureles Grade to the Baja Cantina. The drive is fantastic and the Cantina always has something happening from live music and dancing to food, beverages and great people watching. During the Pebble Beach Concourse you can sit on the patio with some Mexican food and a cool beverage to watch everything from hot rods to exotics and little seen classics parade before your very eyes. Good food, friendly people and an evening to remember. 
After 3 days of Porsche heaven it was time to head home. They did some touring around Carmel and stopped for lunch down on Ocean Boulevard then back on 101 to San Jose where they checked out the historic downtown. In keeping with their comfortable pace they made their way to Santa Clara staying overnight at the Embassy Suites. 
Sensing that they had not been pampered quite enough, a decision was made to spent 2 nights in Calistoga at the Dr.Wilkinson Hot Springs Resort & Spa. They had a wonderful stay complete with spa services and wine tasting. I personally am intrigued with the mud baths. Perhaps I need a trip south to Calistoga. 
Reluctantly, they left Dr. Wilkinson's and headed to the Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville Oregon (great rooms and rates) so as to make an easy commute through Portland to Olympia and onto the ferry home the next day.
All in all this road trip rated high on their list for natural beauty, food, and comfortable accommodation.
  1. Start: Port Angeles
    The Authentic Northwest
  2. Astoria Oregon
    The western end of the Lewis & Clark Trail
  3. Cannon Beach Oregon
    One of the 100 best art towns in America
  4. Coos Bay
    Largest city on the Oregon coast
  5. Fort Bragg California
    On California's Spectacular Mendocino Coast 
  6. Monterey California
    Beauty surrounds from the waters of Monterey Bay to the pine forested hillsides
  7. Santa Clara California
    In the heart of Silicon Valley
  8. Calistoga California
    Hot Springs - Cool Wines - Warm Welcome
  9. Canyonville Oregon
    Nature abounds and the first Green and Clean Casino 
  10. End: Port Angeles
    The Authentic Northwest