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Sunshine Circle

The Sunshine Coast is aptly named as it's drier and sunnier than all other destinations in the area. Sun-warmed beaches, marine adventures, and picturesque coastal scenery are all part of this road trip. Even though a part of the mainland, the Sunshine Coast is only accessed by ferry, the northern gateway is Powell River, the southern gateway is Langdale (not Gibsons). All in all, it feels as if you are on an Island, a long way from the maddening crowd.

Another personal confusion about this region has been its name. I have heard it referred to as the Sunshine Coast, Pender Harbour, Sechelt and Gibsons, as if it all meant the same. To add just another unexpected surprise, the upper and lower parts of the Sunshine Coast are separated by a body of water between Saltery Bay and Earls Cove. The crossing time is about 50 minutes and passes through some of the most beautiful, pristine, coastal scenery the world has to offer.

The upper Sunshine Coast is centered in Powell River. Heading north we visit the First Nations Village of Sliammon and further north, the village of Lund and the northern terminus of the world famous Hwy 101. Heading south from Powell River you will come across Myrtle Point, Stillwater and finally Saltery Bay, the ferry terminal to Earls Cove.

A short hop east from Earls Cove will bring you to the village of Egmont. From Egmont you can go to the end of the road and hike 4 km to the Skookumchuck Rapids. When the tide runs you can watch extreme kayakers playing on the standing waves created by the torrent of rushing water. Go back to Earls Cove and roll south along a winding road before entering Kleindale, Garden Bay, and Madeira Park. In my past, all of these communities have been combined and referred to as Pender Harbour. Hence the magnitude of my confusion.

To clear my head I usually  push on south to Secret Cove, Halfmoon Bay, Sechelt, Roberts Creek and finally Gibsons. No ferry here, the terminal to Horseshoe Bay is located north of Gibsons in the village of Langdale. End of confusion.

This is an enchanted land with over 100 miles of coastline created from channels, bays and fjords undulating within a Pacific Northwest rain forest. A place where the beauty of nature is within an arm's reach. Take the time to use our search tool to explore the wonders of the Sunshine Coast.

  1. Start: BC Ferry Terminal - Departure Bay Nanaimo
    Ferry Service Between Nanaimo and West Vancouver 
  2. Lund BC
    The Northern end of historic Highway 101
  3. Egmont BC
    Egmont is the trailhead for Skookumchuck Provincial Park
  4. Sechelt BC
    The heart of the Sunshine Coast
  5. Gibsons BC
    Discover this seaside paradise
  6. BC Ferry Terminal - Langdale
    Service between Sunshine Coast and Horseshoe Bay West Vancouver - also to New Brighton on Gambier Island. 
  7. Horseshoe Bay BC
    Major BC Ferry Terminal and start of the Sea to Sky Highway.
  8. End: BC Ferry Terminal - Departure Bay Nanaimo
    Ferry Service Between Nanaimo and West Vancouver