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Southern Circle

Depending on your temperament this road trip can take you from 1 to 3 days, keeping in mind that you are travelling 255 km (158 mi).

This scenic route has been named one of the best driving experiences by the enthusiasts we spoke with. Starting in Victoria you head to Sooke on highway 14 for a walk along Whiffen Spit. From Sooke we press on to Jordan River along a forested road through some of the most picturesque waterfront anywhere.

Take time to explore the surfing beaches along the way. French Beach Provincial Park and China Beach have become a favorite stop.

The road between Jordan River and Port Renfrew winds its way through clear cuts and reclaimed forests  twisting its way over one lane bridges before arriving in Port Renfrew. Some corners and undulations along the way are definitely not for the faint of heart.

While in Port Renfrew make time to visit Juan De Fuca Provincial Park and the world famous Botanical Beach.

There is nothing between Port Renfrew and Lake Cowichan other than one of the best drives anywhere. This segment is essentially a paved logging road complete with switch backs and one lane bridges. There are some deep potholes every so often and lumbering logging trucks so be aware.

Highway 18 from Lake Cowichan to Duncan is wide, essentially straight and a favorite spot for radar. From Duncan you head south on Hwy 1 to the wine country of the Cowichan Valley before climbing over the Malahat and down into Victoria.

As far as road trips go, the Southern Circle has all that one could wish for. 

  1. Start: Victoria BC
    More than just Afternoon Tea!
  2. Sooke BC
    Where the forest meets the sea
  3. Jordan River BC
    West Coast Surfing
  4. Port Renfrew BC
    The Jewel of the West Coast
  5. Lake Cowichan BC
    One of our largest freshwater lakes
  6. Duncan BC
    City of Totems
  7. End: Victoria BC
    More than just Afternoon Tea!