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Foray on 4A

On our way back from our stay at the Best Western Tin Wis Resort in Tofino we made arrangements to meet for lunch with friends and their kids who were camping at Coombs Country Campground. They had been here for the better part of a week and filled us in on their forays on Highway 4A.

We decided to meet at Cuckoos in the Coombs Market for lunch. The 3 year old couldn’t stop talking about the fish he caught in the lake at the campground. His sister could hardly contain herself when speaking of the butterflies that landed right on her when visiting Butterfly World. Their mom and dad had their own stories about the World Parrot Refuge where previously owned parrots find a home for life. I couldn’t help but see a little glisten in their eyes

Now there’s something I hadn’t thought of. It’s common for most parrots to live 50 years with Macaws living for 100+ years! That means many owners would pre-decease their bird. Finally at the Refuge they’ve got a safe place to live out the rest of their lives. It has become such a problem that part of the Parrot Refuge’s  mission is to educate the public regarding the unsuitability of parrots as pets. It’s heartwarming to know that these colourful companions have a safe and welcoming home for life.

Our lunch at Cuckoos in the Coombs Market was wonderful. I can vouch for the freshly baked Focaccia grilled chicken breast sandwich and watching the kids devour the pizza, I’d say it was pretty good as well.

As we bid our friends a fond farewell we knew that we would be back to make our own foray on 4A.