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  Vancouver Island Road Trips Circa 1966 

The Ministry of Transportation BC has released some very cool footage of Vancouver Island highways circa 1966. They produced the video by splicing still photos (taken every 85 feet along the roadway on 16mm film stock) then stitching them together to create motion before adding the click, click, click, of the old school film projectors. It was exciting to encounter landmarks that exist to this very day and to see how the forest surrounding road construction has recovered. In many places the view back then is obscured by the height of the forest today. If you drive these roads today, you'll recognize every curve and undulation. Keep your eyes on the speedo hovering between 50 – 60 MPH while cruising down the highway.

Victoria to Duncan



Duncan to Nanaimo and Parksville



Parksville to Campbell River



Ucluelet to Tofino, Port Alberni and Parksville


Image Courtest of The Old Car Manual Project


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North Island

Need to hit the road and just drive before stopping to dial it back for a few days?  Point yourself north of Campbell  River, passing by charming but busy Telegraph Cove and on just a bit further to Port McNeill the “Gateway to the Broughton Archipelago”.
Long known as a sea kayakers jumping off point for Nootka and Kyuquot Sounds,  Fair Harbour offers no services. However you will find a government wharf, rough boat launch and a Forest Service campsite (summer caretaker on site) and ample parking.
Drive to Gold River and climb aboard the working freighter Uchuck. This former WWII minesweeper passes through the stunning beauty of Nootka Sound into the rolling Pacific Ocean and onward to the village of Kyuquot. 

Mid Island – West Coast

It started out like all of our well planned road trips with no real plan as to where we would end up. The initial thought was to wander the temperate rainforest of Cathedral Grove.
We recently took the opportunity to wander about downtown Nanaimo and to my great surprise the area is steeped in history.
Buying a heritage home and launching a new business in the same year was insane, but at the time it didn't seem like shear madness.
The 1950’s were an adventurous time. The depression of the thirties and the horror of the Second World War were well behind us and the world had become a kinder place.
I can't remember when I first heard of the ghost ships of Royston but I was intrigued. Back in the 30's the Southeast winds blowing down the Strait of Georgia were creating havoc on the booming grounds…
Last year one of my favourite road trips occurred on a wet, typically grey west coast winter day when it was suggested we see the neon light show at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was a wonderful reprieve from the doldrums brought on by a lack of sunlight .
Recently I met my friend and fellow vagabond in Nanaimo where she suggested that spelunking and a picnic would be a fine thing to do. Spelunking?
It's been a long wet winter and spring, so today is perfect outdoor walking weather. My companion and I decided that the Qualicum Beach Farmers Market would be our first stop.
The Oceanside Route takes you as close to the water as you can get… travelling north from Nanaimo to Courtenay; this is one of our favorite routes.
South Island

South Island

It is a little known fact that the first commercial winery in BC was not in the Okanagan but right here in sunny Saanich when in 1921 the Growers Wine Company planted fields of loganberries to produce their Logana wine.
We continue our Vancouver Island wine tour by crossing the Saanich Inlet on one of the smaller vessels in the BC Ferry fleet. After a 25 minute cruise there is a nice drive along the waterfront to Mill Bay.
Depending on your temperament this road trip can take you from 1 to 3 days, keeping in mind that you are travelling 255 km (158 mi). This scenic route has been named one of the best driving experiences by the enthusiasts we spoke with.
We had just finished a late brunch at our home in Horseshoe Bay and were relaxing with the local paper. An article explained that the ferry system is financially strapped and that rates will be going up while service goes down.
Victoria is known for its heritage and laid back attitude to life. One of the best ways to enjoy this is to tour the waterfront. We started in front of the Parliament Buildings and headed east to Fisherman's Wharf.

Off Island

Salt Spring Island is one of the most accessible of the Gulf Islands offering 3 BC Ferry terminals, float plane docks and marinas. Whether you're walking, cycling, driving, cruising or flying in, this island with amaze you.
The Sunshine Coast is aptly named as it's drier and sunnier than all other destinations in the area. Sun-warmed beaches, marine adventures, and picturesque coastal scenery are all part of this road trip.
In every life there are a few times when something or someone of astonishing beauty seduces every rational, objective fiber of your being. Occasionally the beauty runs deep and true. Call it complete goodness. And thus a spell is cast, the rules of normal behavior and judgment no longer apply.
Every time winter descends I get the distinct urge to drive south. With this in mind and with no real chance of escaping the cold this year, I thought I would publish the following road trip from our recent past: