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Wagon Trail to Cowichan Valley

The Wagon Road outlined on the map below is our best guess as the majority of the information we could find was vague at best. I find it a little hard to believe that the route would have gone as far south as Sooke so we are looking into it further. No matter which direction you headed you can see how it would take 3 days to make it to Mill Bay and the connection to the roads leading north. There is no wonder that a more direct route was necessary and surprisingly it wasn't in place until 1910-11.

  1. Start: Ma Miller's Pub at the Goldstream Inn
    Oldest Liquor License in B.C.
  2. Sooke BC
    Where the forest meets the sea
  3. Sooke Lake
  4. Shawnigan Lake BC
    A fashionable summer recreation and cottage area for over a century
  5. End: Mill Bay BC
    Quiet waterfront village - Ferry access to Brentwood Bay