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Be a picker! Take your time and find hundreds (maybe thousands) of design elements. If you're looking for a glass to hold a gallon of milk, antique furniture, second hand art, doos and das,  stuff and things, it can be found here.

I've bought tons of stuff here that i cherish and the best part of the experience is in the winter when it is gross outside and there is always a fire roaring in the fireplace! Warmth PLUS the owners are just the best kind of people and make you feel like family. 

There is a really neat area outside of the main building that is a "holding pen" for big things and big stuff! I've also dragged many an iron item out of here and wound up repurposing for my garden. Don't pass by this great place.

6881 West Island Hwy, Bowser, British Columbia, Canada
Year Round
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