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Rangers Shoes

Across the Bastion Bridge and in the Old City Quarter, sits this fine example of a Boomtown or False-Front commercial structure.

The use of a false facade was to increase the apparent size of the building, therefore providing ample space for hand painted signage. The street level windows were built to showcase the vendors wares. 

This building is one of many heritage commercial buildings on Fitzwilliam and sits on the hill in one of Nanaimo's earliest commercial sections.

Through the years upgrades have been made to the building and its facade has been stuccoed. Yet, it still retains its charm and character. What's fantastic is that the placement of this building allows you to see the side and back of the structure. It gives you the opportunity to hance to enjoy an art walk of sorts as one of the exterior walls is a gallery wall.

Great shops, restaurants, galleries and parks are all within a couple of blocks of here. Sartorial is a trendy clothing store that has taken up residence in the original building, as well as a hair salon and communications store.  

310 Fitzwilliam Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
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