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Nanaimo Court House

Francis Mawson Rattenbury was a premier institutional architect of the period. He is best remembered for designing the Parliament Buildings in Victoria. This Court House replaced an earlier wooded one and projected Nanaimo onto the regional landscape. This city's population was growing as was the surrounding areas and provincial authority was needed. Nanaimo was then considered the regional centre on Vancouver Island. 

From a distance this building means business! I imagine that it was and still is humbling to walk toward this building to "tend to business"! The Nanaimo Court House is different from most in that its site location is not a corner lot. This beautiful building sits on sloping land with beautiful harbor, mainland and island views. There's a landscaped public space at the front of the building and it lends itself to taking lunch, and a moment just to enjoy the view.

A beautiful slate roof with copper ornamentation, coupled with the sheer grandeur of the building must have been an imposing view on the landscape. An addition at the rear of the building on Chapel St., hasn't impacted on the character.

31 - 35 Front Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
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