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Kennedy River

The Kennedy River is glimpsed as you drive towards Tofino and Ucluelet on Hwy 4. Winding close to the Hwy, you will notice a large pull out.

The river shows many faces as you drive along. At times it can present like a dry riverbed, and yet, several kilometers downstream can be a raging giant. This will depend on the time of year as well as the weather conditions.  Many small creeks and streams continually drain into the river making it a very dynamic waterway.

One of my favorite places is a generous pull off, where, thanks to a stairway, you can walk out onto the huge rocks that make this place so wondrous. This spot is about 35 mins. past Sproat Lake and you'll know you're there when you come around a corner and see the wide shoulder ahead on your right.

This is a great place to stretch your legs, take photos and enjoy a picnic.

Some waterfalls can be seen from a safe distance but please exercise caution when visiting as there are shear drops down to the river in certain places. Some of the rocks are as smooth as silk and are therefore very slippery. Watch the kids closely and be careful when walking out to look at the crystal clear pools and waterfalls.

NOTE: Don't ruin this wonderful natural place for other visitors. Pick up your butts! On a recent stop we were both horrified by the amount of cigarette filters left on nature's sculptured rocks.

Hwy 4, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
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