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Gusola Block

The Art Deco architecture influence is shared by other buildings in the area but most are not architect designed. Instead, it underscores the city's mostly modest working class history and character.

Designed by local contractor W. Turley of Turley Brothers Contractors, it shares similarities with the Nanaimo - Duncan Utilities Building down the street. 

Originally a tobacco and razor repair store owned by Mr. and Mrs Alex Gusola, it replaced their earlier shop which burned to the ground.

They catered to the largely transient workers that worked the mines and their business flourished.

It's hard to believe that this building was once a waterfront property! In the 1960's the inner harbour was filled in and the Gusola Block became landlocked. 

Today you can get a quick bite to eat at a wonderful French style cafe Mon Petit Choux.  Enjoy their outdoor patio and downtown vibe.

120 Commercial Street, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
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