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Lineups are a Way of Life

I hate lining up for anything but when it comes to breakfast in Victoria, I make an acceptation. The fact is, you have to, or you don’t eat. We asked several Victorians to tell us where we could find the best breakfast in town. We had no idea how passionate the subject was but in time we distilled it down to  a ‘Top 3’ with 2 ‘Special Mentions’.  

‘It’s the most important meal of the day,’  said each of our mothers and they might be right especially after the night before.  You can see us in the lineup outside; a little disheveled, a little puffy of eye and in desperate need of fluids and eggs.  

So if you’re brave enough, grab a bottle of water, an umbrella if rain is about, or a wide brim hat if we are blessed with sunshine and make your way to a breakfast lineup near you.

If you are around Willows Beach in Oak Bay you must try The Village. This place is typical of businesses that have a large and loyal following and as such you’ll probably have to wait in line but the wait is so worth it. I had the  the eggs Benny served on latkes instead of an English muffin. It was immensely satisfying especially to the intolerant among us. After dining and feeling like joining the land of the living again, take the time to stroll along Willows Beach before entering the rest of your day.

Talk about strolling, who hasn't wandered antique row along Fort Street searching for treasures? The Blue Fox  is another of those Fort Street treasures. What a lovely room. Brick, glass and high ceilings make for a beautiful environment to purvey, what some profess to be, the best all day breakfast in Victoria. Locally sourced organic ingredients are the foundation of the menu. Did you say 10 Benny choices, Moroccan Chicken and house smoked pork? Sign me up.


Many people have been marooned in downtown Victoria searching for a life saving, all nourishing breakfast. This has happened to visitors and residents alike for some 28 years and for this entire time the safe harbour has been John’s Place  on Pandora. And yah, this place was probably the first that had lines out front full of annoyed people waiting to get in and yah, the lines may be a bit longer but it’s well worth the wait. The food was so good I forget what the room looked like. I know I was comfortable and it had a heritage vibe but I’ll have to go back and have a look.

The 3 breakfast places above were mentioned most often in our survey but there was a tie for the next 2 favourite Victoria breakfast places.  They were Floyd’s Diner at 866 Yates and the Jam Café downtown at 542 Herald Street.

Floyd’s Diner  was featured on the ‘You gotta eat here’ TV show. One look at the eggs Benny menu tells the story. You can choose from Eggs Ben-Hur, American Idol Benny, Pull Your Pork Benny and Romancing the Eggs Blackstone among others. Obviously this is a fun place and has rightfully become a Victoria landmark.

Another favourite downtown eatery is the Jam Café  at 542 Herald Street. In amongst the normal breakfast fare they offer daily specials like Strawberry Shortcake French Toast, Banana Split French Toast or Prosciutto and Asparagus Benny . An excellent place for the second cup of coffee or the first bloody Caesar.  

The fact is you will find a life giving breakfast in any of the 5 places mentioned above. Just find a time when you're able to stand in line.

I know this is a volatile subject but we would love to hear about your favourite breakfast place. Let us know